Episode 8 | Eclipse, World Emoji Day, and What the Heck is SEO

Kids in Cars, Eclipse: The Musical, World Emoji Day, GLOW, the Wall of Sound, and "What the heck is SEO?'

Taylor Veal can't understand how people can leave their kids in the car...

Kathryn Good "continues the hotness" by taking her kids to Haiti. And tells us that Eclipse, The Musical is a thing. 

Gretchen Owens tells us about World Emoji Day. The kids were really into it.

Jamie Holland is all about some GLOW and the Golden Age of Television.

Jason Torrence gets his GLOW stolen, but loves Marc Maron anyway. 

Eric Jackson thinks the golden age of television is a thing...Long Strange Trip and Wall of Sound

LIGHTNING ROUND:  What the heck is SEO?

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