Stupid + Contagious, an Introduction

You probably don't know this but we - the Keystone Marketing Team - have been recording a podcast. There are seven episodes in the can right if you're inclined to hear about the things we have read, seen, or heard that we cannot stop talking about, search for "Stupid and Contagious." 

I'm really lucky to work with people who are fun, intelligent, and hilarious. They're so funny to me that I felt a little greedy not sharing our fun with the world, thus the podcast. Each week henceforth, I'll post our show notes on the Keystone blog. Occasionally there will be something we talk about that will make your world a little better...or perhaps a little funnier...or maybe eat 47 hours of your free time as you binge-watch one of our favorite shows. 

This week...Kathryn celebrates 15 years of marriage at Nashville's Thompson hotel...Gretchen tells us about the Instagram account "You Did Not Sleep There" that 'celebrates Instagram's most illogical campsites...Jason Torrence shares John Mulaney's "best meal ever"...Eric Jackson admitted he binge-watched "Sons of Anarchy" in less than two months (I'm not proud)...Jamie Holland wants to know why solar eclipses are such a big deal. He listened to Gimlet Media's podcast "Every Little Thing." Rapture Chasers is all about people who chase solar eclipses...Taylor Veal (formerly Mullins) tells the story of Andrew's (her new husband's) massage chair...and lastly we all talk about encryption and security in messaging. 

Listen to this week's and past episodes here or on your other favorite podcast software.