4 Tips to Effective Email Marketing Design

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with both your target audience and your current clients. Email is a very big part of every one’s life and even if you don’t want to admit it - YOU are inspired by email everyday and so are your prospects and your clients.

Don’t miss out - increase your open rate and inspire your audience by using these 4 vital tips to design effective emails.

1. Simplify your design

The move to responsive EVERYTHING (including email design) has encouraged simpler emails with focus on branding and content. More email recipients read their emails on smartphones and tablets, so always keep that in mind when designing.

How do you create a simple design? Simply focus on your brand. Using consistent branding in your emails will strengthen your brand and recognition and create strong, yet simple design. Include your logo in the same location each time to be consistent.

2. Focus on one message

Trying to convey several messages in one email is not effective and can often result in a diluted response. Many eye-tracking studies have found that the average email recipient is more likely to scan than read your email word-for-word. So, focus on one clear and concise message in each email. Use bold words to catch the reader as they scan. Bullet points can also help to provide your content in a more consumable way, as well as creating white space to allow their eye to rest. Remember, you can always send a separate email.

3. Optimize your preview pane

Use the valuable email real estate of the preview pane to entice your recipients to open your email. Be sure to include your company name, compelling copy and your CTA (call-to-action). This text paired with your subject line is sure to increase your open rate.

4. Clear, large CTAs

Due to the high use of mobile devices to read email, prominent call-to-actions are a critical piece in any great email design. Place them in the top portion of your design, so your reader does not lose interest by having to scroll to find it. Studies show that the top right portion of your email is the best position for your CTA and will receive the most clicks.

Not sure how big to make your CTAs? A great rule of thumb is to make sure they are large enough to be clicked on using a touchscreen device.

What are you waiting for? Try these tips out when creating your next email and see your email conversion increase – guaranteed.