Mid-Year Marketing Check-in

It’s almost July. If you haven’t started thinking about how you are going to finish the year strong, now is the time. As a Nashville digital marketing agency, we use several factors when helping clients evaluate their marketing efforts. Here are ten areas to look at and questions to get you brainstorming:

1. Employees: Are your employees communicating your mission and helping you sell your products? Do your employees represent your company well? 

2. Customer Service: Take a look at customer feedback. Are there any questions or issues that keep coming up? Are you asking for feedback? What do online reviews say about you?

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3. Competitors: What have your competitors tried over the past six months? Do you like what you see? Are there any new competitors on the scene? How are they impacting your business? 

4. Customer Base: Has your client base increased, decreased or stayed the same? What efforts are bringing new customers?? Are there areas that you see customers dropping off? 

5. Website Traffic: Is website traffic better than the previous year? Where are visitors coming from? What are they doing on your site? 

6. Website Content: How often did you add new content to your site? What content did your audiences read? What feedback did you get? What ideas can you add to your editorial calendar for the rest of the year?

7. Email Marketing: Did you email marketing open rate or click-thru rate change? How many people have you added to your email lists? 

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8. Social Media: Have you been active on your social media platforms? Are your efforts producing results? Are your customers engaging with your content? 

9. Online Advertising: Did you test advertising on search engines or social media? Did it work?

10. General Marketing: What three marketing efforts most helped you meet your goals? Is there an opportunity to do something similar in third and fourth quarters? What is one new marketing idea you would like to try? 

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If you would like help brainstorming or finding the answers to these questions, give Keystone a call. We’re a Nashville digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience, and we'd be happy to sit down with you and talk about your marketing. 

Here’s to a strong rest of 2017!