by Taylor Mullins

May 2017 Top News

Online targeting moves offline

Google has announced that by the end of this year, tracking will be available from brick-and-mortar purchases to gauge the success of online advertising. The advancement comes as the company faces increasing competition from Facebook Advertising. Together, Facebook and Google are projected to make up 74% of online ad growth in 2017.

Snap, Inc. had its first earnings report… and no one is impressed.

After a successful 2015 and 2016, Snap, Inc., released a disappointing quarterly earnings report- its first one since going public. Subsequently, shares fell more than 24% as investors fled, seeing the lack in growth potential long-term.


Kids’ tech knowledge is outpacing previous generations ten-fold

These days it’s less about handing over the iPad to play with, and more about actual toys with high-tech components. Remote control cars are at the lowest of the technology totem pole with toys like coding kits and Bluetooth Frisbees.

Speaking of technology….

Debate has been sparked over a controversial finish to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. Instant replay is usually sufficient in sporting events to settle major game decisions, but many fans are now calling for technology to get involved. Football fans have mentioned for years the advantage to putting a sensor in the ball to measure when it crosses the goal line. It seems now that the same is being said about hockey and the potential for the puck. Still, we’re all #StandingWithThePreds around here. It was a heck of a season.