Say Cheese! Photo apps to try!

Photo opportunities are everywhere - even for businesses! When a customer comes in to rave about your customer service, you get a new product in the store, at the next company get together….the examples are endless. If you are going to be on social media, it is important to tell your story and give your business a personality. Using photos is an easy way to show your audiences who you are and what you’re about! 
The following apps are easy to navigate (some more than others), fun to use, and most important - fast! 

PicLab HD

PicLab HD is great for creating those inspiring images you see all over the web, like this one that we created for Pure Green. We did a piece on keeping grass roots healthy, so we created this image in a flash to add a visual to the article. In addition to typography, it also allows you to have full control over the size, positioning, opacity, rotation and color of the photo. Or, you can simply go to your photo library, choose an oldie but goody, adjust the color, and add words in a snap. There is a free version of this app called PicLab (without the “HD”). It doesn’t have ALL the features mentioned above, but if you’re a novice, it will get the job done!
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android
Developer: Roberto Nickson
Price: $1.99


Frametastic is fantastic! It allows you to share a cluster of photos letting your audience see the memory, not just the moment. It has tons of color filters and layout options! It’s incredibly user friendly and took only three minutes to create the frametastic picture above. With frametastic, Bluegrass Beverages was able to show the fun vibe at the Jack Daniels tasting through one picture verses the user having to flip through multiple pictures. There are enough framing options with the free version, but if you master those and want more, they can be purchased for $0.99.
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Developer: Imaginary Feet
Price: FREE

SnappyCam Pro

Let’s be honest, what’s more frustrating than spending 20 minutes to get ONE. GOOD. PICTURE? SnappyCam Pro can help. By holding down the shutter button, the high-speed camera can take up to 60 photos per second! Perfect to capture your coworker's face at the surprise office birthday party! You can save the one or ones you like and delete the rest. You can’t fix your boss’s funky hair with this app, but that’s what this next BONUS app is for!
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Developer: jpap
Price: $0.99
And a bonus app?



Whoa! Are you kidding me? This app is amazing for touching up a not so perfect complexion, making teeth a bit whiter, and can even reshape a nose or forehead. This app will take a few uses to “get the hang of," but it’s so fun! Grab a photo from your camera roll and put your best face forward! 
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Developer: Lighttricks
Price: Cheaper than a facelift! (ok….$2.99)