18 Small Business Social Media Ideas

Frustrated by social media?

Are you a marketing director, business owner, or content creator trying to figure out what to post on social media? It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but we've got some ideas, 18 of them!

But first, we have a secret but you can't tell anyone. Ok?

Keystone (in our best whisper voice) still has brainstorming sessions for content even though we've been at this for years! Times change and business changes. As a small business owner, you have to re-evaluate and freshen up content that best suits your audience.

Everyone's audience is different, and you have to tailor your content to that group of people. As an owner of a car repair business, you have a specific group of users who care about cars, car repairs, car trends, car news...you get the point. It's not the same audience as Oprah (go figure). Once you figure this out, you'll be able to apply these 18 ideas to your business and to your audience.

1. Office shenanigans - This can be anything from holiday parties, office birthdays, practical jokes (stapler in Jello?), lunch outings, etc. Be creative and always have your camera ready.

2. Client meetings - With your client's permission, snap a photo of a you and a client. Post it and tag them with a raving review.

3. Weather related posts - Tennessee weather is always changing! Exasperated weather posts always do well!

4. Quotes by employees or the owner - Quotes show personality. It can be about the business, a football game, or even a vacation! This can be one way to let your customers and followers get to know you!

5. Ridiculous holidays - Have you seen all the ridiculous holidays? There is bound to be a few that apply to your company culture and your business. (National Margarita Day?)

6. Official holidays - It's so easy to post on those popular holidays. Make it interesting, and offer a recipe if that suits your demographic.

7. Customer specials - Why not advertise? Facebook encourages you not to do this a ton, but a little is understood.

8. Now hiring - Find good people using social media. You never know who is friends with whom and how far your post will reach.

9. Nonprofit - Do you support a nonprofit? Show some love to them and encourage your fans to learn the story behind the nonprofit.

10. New products - Share news about new product offerings or new features with fans.

11. Join our email list - If you offer a newsletter, let your followers know. This would be a good thing to mention at least twice a month.

12. Links to your website - There are pages of your website that really capture attention but maybe don't get as much traffic. Put links to these pages on social. This is also a great way to showcase certain services or products.

13. Links to blog posts - Write a blog. And post the links to social with an interesting message. But don't post it just once. Post it numerous times during the first week, and even once a month over the next year! Get some longevity out of the blog. You never know when it will get the right viewer and be shared over and over.

14. Links to other social accounts - Cross market on all social accounts.

15. Photos of employees doing what they love - Hopefully working for your business is fun and exciting and noteworthy of the occasional photo!

16. City news - What's going on where you live? Any special events happening? Post them.

17. Videos - This is HUGE. Social media is liking videos more and more, short and sweet. Not a professional videographer? No problem. Sometimes a home made video has the charm and realness customers like to see.

18. Tips - Show you are the expert in your chosen field. Talk about tips and tricks that genuinely add value. For example, you could do a tip every Tuesday and call it "Tip Tuesday."

Sounds doable once you break it down, right? Don't forget to tailor the postings to your core audience! Go!

Does this sound basic? Have you mastered these tips already? Are you needing some real out-of-the-box ideas? We're pretty creative and fun to work with... Call us.