Google and Mobile Search: Join Responsive Design or Die

Google's stance on Responsive Design - the method of building websites for mobile devices - is pretty harsh. You either do it, or you're almost dead to Google. And that's bad, am I right?

You read that right, Google will penalize you for not providing visitors to your website with a mobile-friendly experience. After all, it is 2015.

Have you looked at your website's analytics recently? The lowest amount of mobile traffic we've seen lately is around 15%, the highest being close to 60%. 

Fifteen percent may sound low to you. What do you think your reaction would be if you lost 15% of your business to a competitor? Well, if you're refusing to upgrade your website to responsive design, that's essentially what you're doing. You're writing off people who are getting their information on mobile devices. If all indications are right, that number is only increasing for the foreseeable future.

It's 2015. Get mobile.