Pay-Per-Click Marketing - Is it Worth it?

In the world of digital marketing, much of the work you do to gain online traction for your company is through content, attracting your ideal customers to you, and continual online follow-up and engagement. While many businesses are comfortable paying for traditional forms of media such as print, radio, TV and billboard advertising, many shy away from online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Whether it is lack of knowledge or just plain old fear of the unknown, we’re here to make you feel a bit more comfortable with PPC.

While PPC advertising is not new per se, it is a newer paid advertising medium and can be confusing to manage. In many of the strategies we use in digital marketing efforts for clients, we are often creating a strategy that ties all of your online marketing pieces together. PPC advertising can be increasingly good at targeting and attracting new customers. Also, with remarketing available from Google Adwords and other reputable companies, you can count on bringing traffic to your website, capturing users and staying in front of them while they search online.

What are popular PPC options?

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC search advertising option. They offer text, display and remarketing search options. That means you can create ads targeting specific keywords and phrases that one of your potential customers may be searching for. This will allow people who are looking for your service to find you. There are also display advertising options with the Google Display Network where your ads can reach a wide range of customers and you can choose which sites or pages your ads appear on outside of just the regular Google Search listings. Remarketing is also a key paid advertising feature from Google Adwords where those who have visited your site will later see your display ads on various websites. This helps keep in touch with those site visitors who have shown interest in your company and lead them back to you to make a purchase or get in touch with someone at your company as a lead.

Social advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are often used for PPC advertising. Social advertising can be even more targeted because social platforms often have better demographic information for their users. Facebook tends to have the most specific demographic details for their users and makes their PPC advertising platform more effective than other social platforms. We have found that using social PPC advertising in tandem with Google Adwords PPC advertising works they best as a strategy overall in gaining online traffic and leads.

When are strategic times to use PPC advertising?

There are many companies who need to use PPC advertising ongoing. This may be the case for your company, but often those who run continual PPC advertising campaigns have some sort of online product or service that they offer. If you are a brick-and-mortar business or a service-related business, there are likely key times you want to increase your online advertising to be most effective.

Increased awareness of campaigns Are you running a specific price special for a product or service? If so, for the time period that your special pricing runs, this would be a good time to create extra attention and leads to gain customers with PPC advertising.

Is your business seasonal?

There are many businesses that have a high, medium & low season. If you know this about your industry then using PPC advertising during your medium & high season when you know potential customers will be looking for you can increase your visibility from your competition and help you capture new leads and customers.

When should you not use PPC advertising?

If there is any sort of special event where your company or business may be mentioned in the news, you may want to pause any paid searching advertising that you have running. When attention is called to your business naturally through the press, people are going to be searching for the story or your company anyways. If you have a PPC advertising campaign turned on, you may be paying unnecessarily for clicks when people would find you naturally already.

Do you have questions about using PPC advertising for your business? Give us a shout here.