by Global Administrator

5 Top Tech Stories for Februrary

The world is always changing. Keystone follows what is going on in technology and digital marketing so you don’t have to. Here are 5 stories from February you might find interesting:

1. Google to Stop Showing Ads on Right Side of Desktop Search Results

Google is constantly progressing, looking to improve its offering. Seems responsive design and desktop are beginning to meet in the middle? Keystone and Google think so anyway…

2. Facebook Enhances Everyone’s Like With Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry Buttons

Want a dislike button in Facebook? You’ll have to settle for ‘Angry.’

3. Skype group video calls are now free on iOS and Android

Need to have a ‘face-to-face’ without the travel? Skype group video calls are now free!

4. FBI vs Apple

Apple has been cooperating with the FBI’s San Bernardino terrorist attack investigation…but they’re drawing the line at creating a “back door” for the iPhone.

5. How to Add and Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram

Switching between Instagram accounts is here! No more logging in and out to manage your personal, business, and your dog’s account.