by Taylor Mullins

February's Top News Stories

These were some of the best headlines and news from February 2017.

Instagram Carousel Feature Released

Quick on the heels of “Instagram stories”, a new feature has been released allowing users to upload up to 10 images together in one scrolling post. Instagram ads have been using this feature since 2015, but the company just recently expanded the ability to users. The possibilities are endless with the enhancement of multiple “highlight” pictures, step-by-step tutorials, and (probably the coolest use I’ve seen) scrolling panoramas. If all else fails, I’ll just be excited if old people stop uploading 17 Instagram posts back-to-back on my feed and use this feature instead.

Voice Search on the Rise

Last month our marketing director, Kathryn, made some predictions about trends in 2017. One of them was the prevalence of voice search and how businesses needed to adapt their content to stay on-trend. At first we thought it was just giving her an excuse to carry on conversations with her Alexa every day in her office but, as usual, she was correct. Voice search is taking over, better stay on top of it.

Emojis Are Back in Google Snippets

In 2015, Google dropped emojis from their search results. Recently, emojis have been slipping back into search result snippets. A Google rep confirmed that the emojis are back for relevant queries, because, you know, millennials.

Pinterest Launches Visual Search

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite as time-sucking as a good Pinterest session. Sure, you may never actually make those recipes or do one rep of that fad workout, but if it’s on your Pinterest board surely people will think that you do. With Pinterest’s new visual search, you can get sucked down a rabbit hole even more than usual!

Is Driving Going Extinct?

Eric is convinced that in 10 years none of us will be driving. Now, I was young at the turn of the millennium (kindergarten, to be exact), but I distinctly remember people thinking the same thing then. Here we are, 17 years later, and I’m still obligated to navigate my own way through Nashville traffic. Evidently Ford is optimistic, however, given their recent billion-dollar investment in a self-driving tech company.