10 Office Etiquette Rules

Office etiquette is highly underrated these days! After all, it’s the little things around the office that can affect our working relationships, how coworkers perceive us, and even has an impact on future job promotions and raises! That got your attention didn’t it?
We all need reminding of what’s appropriate and what’s not. Think of us as that little tiny voice that says, “No, you should not eat tuna salad at your cubicle.”
  1. Be mindful of office chatter. It’s great that you can have a little water cooler talk with office colleagues, but be mindful of others around especially when working in close quarters. 
  2. Don’t share too much personal information. When chattering in the office, remember not to share too much. It’s easy to get comfortable and just talk, but there is a line that should not be crossed! 
  3. Office correspondence should be thought out. If the occasion calls for it, think of emails like formal letters. Don’t use slang or abbreviations. Be as clear as possible to avoid confusion as well as a long string of “clarifying” emails. Keep in mind that companies actually store employee’s emails for YEARS, and have the right to access them from time to time to check up on employees. 
  4. Don’t be too loud. Don’t be THAT GUY. You know the one you can hear from across the office. Everyone knows when he arrives in the morning, when he eats lunch, and when he goes home for the day. Use your inside voice! 
  5. Keep your phone on silent. Not everyone in the office needs to hear the Marvin Gaye song playing every time your wife calls…enough said. 
  6. Don’t eat smelly food. Don’t bring the left over salmon cakes you had for dinner the night before. Save the tuna, spicy Indian food and other strong smelling food for leftover night at home. 
  7. Hold back on the perfume. On the same note, too much of a good thing can be bad. You never know who has a sensitive nose in the office! 
  8. Dress for the office you work in. Plan your office attire to fit with the tone of your office. Look to your bosses for inspiration on what’s appropriate. 
  9. Keep your workspace clean. This includes dusting every once in a while, not just every 5 years when you move offices. Throw away unnecessary items and keep the clutter under control. 
  10. Share the credit! The office atmosphere is more team oriented than ever before. Give credit where credit is due; the good karma is sure to come back around! 
Remember, your co-workers are “your second family," and you may spend more time with them than your own family. Keep in mind that even though you have THE RIGHT to do certain things, it may have an adverse affect on coworkers perception of you. Bottom line – follow these 10 rules and all your dreams will come true. (Not really, but at least people won’t hate you.)