Do I Need to Pay for…

Key Question:

Do I need to pay for [insert web marketing service here]? 

Keystone Answer: 

Several times a week, a client forwards us some promotional email advertising a website marketing service. Most of them have a sneaky way of making you feel like you aren't doing something that should be doing. So naturally, our clients want to double check. Here are the answers we give: 

Do I need to pay for website analytics?

Google Analytics is free and is what Keystone installs on every new site. In most cases, there is no need to pay for additional data. If you find the reports hard to read, we can set up a report that is emailed to you each month with the information you care about. 

Do I need to pay someone to register my website to search engines?

In one word, no. Search engines are really good and finding and indexing websites, so let them do their job. It doesn’t hurt to give them a little assistance though by using Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Places for Business and Google+. It can take a little time for a new site to be seen on Google. 

Do I need to pay for search engine optimization?

Google’s algorithms change all the time, and there is no real way to beat the system. How do you increase your rankings? Content. Give Google what is is looking for - valuable, frequent content that gives information, answers questions, entertains, etc. If you are using your website as a tool to answer customer questions, you are on your way. We can give you tips on what to write about, what keywords to use, and how to distribute the content on social media. We can even write and distribute it for you. So yes, we think paying for search engine optimization is great if you are spending it on adding valuable content to your website. Know that it takes time both to create the content and to see the results. 
Beware of any company that says it will guarantee placement at the top of Google or that it can get your results quickly. Some of these companies could use bad practices that will get your site banned.
If you have a question - web related or not - fill out our form and let us know. We’ll take the time to answer it in a future blog post.