KeyMail - or Emma - is Changing!

Emma – you may know her as KeyMail. But let’s not get caught up in silly name-calling or a custody battle. Our friends at Emma have decided that it's time to finally transition away from the "Classic Editor."

If you’ve logged into your KeyMail/Emma account lately, you’ve probably been alerted to the fact that the new “Drag & Drop” editor will be the default way to use KeyMail on June 19, 2014. If you've been holding off (or simply didn't now about the Drag & Drop editor), now is your chance. We're certain you’re going to enjoy its powerful features…much like the first time you used a TV remote instead of walking across the room to use dad’s channel-lock pliers on the broken tv knob.*

First, there are a few resources created by Emma that will help you make the transition. Emma has created a pre-recorded webinar to show you how the Drag & Drop editor works. Click here to view the 53 minute video. If you're ready to for us to turn on the Drag & Drop editor now, simply shoot Jamie an email and he'll make that happen for you. (Don't worry...he'll leave both editors on for the time being).

Second, if you're in the middle of using the Drag & Drop editor and get stuck, there are some topic-specific videos available to help you. Click here to access the Drag & Drop video tutorial library.

Third, you may not want to procrastinate. This fall, the Classic Editor will be going away. While "this fall" is a still a few 90-degree days away, it'll be here before you know it. We wouldn't want you to get stuck in the past like Han Solo stuck in carbonite.** Help you...

If all this is incredibly confusing to you, you've never heard of KeyMail, Emma, television, or Han Solo, you can probably just ignore this. Just lie back on your davenport, sip your bathtub gin, and be thankful dear ol' dad left you in charge of the buggy-whip business.

*That analogy is probably lost on half of you.
**Yet another nerdy reference