Beware of Blog Factories

Here's the deal. It's tough finding the time to maintain a blog. We absolutely get it.  A little warning though: if you want to hire some help, don't hire a blog factory.

You've probably never heard that term before because, well... we just made it up. A blog factory is a company that puts out hundreds (maybe thousands) of blogs per month for their clients. This can be ok if said company gives the writers time to research, get to know the client and address the individual issues the client is experiencing. 

This concept backfires when the blog factory values quantity over quality. It's not enough to simply have blog posts; they need to be well written and helpful to your readers and to Google (they have to be optimized for search). They have to be interesting to be engaging, and if you want to build a following and gain more customers, they have to be worth sharing!

Content Matters

You get what you pay for. If you are getting a super unbelievable bargain for blogs, it may not be as good as it seems. The company may be paying someone next to nothing to slap something together to post on your site.

Time, creative brain power, and a strategy are all required for a successful blog post, and this requires an investment. 

If you are looking for help, here are a few things to consider and to ask when interviewing.

You should ask:

  • How much time is spent researching?
  • Is the content addressing something of interest? 
  • Is the writer capturing "the voice" of your company?
  • Do you like their writing style?
  • Is the content helpful? 
  • Will you, the owner, be involved in the process?

You need to look for a writer that can be the voice of your company and has a knack for taking something complicated and explaining it in a way that the masses can understand and apply the concept.

Relationship Matters

Hire a writer that cares about your business. The positive energy that you both generate will come out in the form of great original content. 

At Keystone, we visit our clients' locations and speak with them on a weekly basis, more frequently during a busy season or if there is an event to promote. We love that we have a relationship that allows for open communication and exchange of fresh ideas. We invest ourselves in their business. We get to know our clients and can change writing style, content, frequency, etc. as the business changes over time.

Are you struggling with your content? Let's talk about it.