The Keystone Way: Be Bold

"Tell it like it is, give it to me straight." Nobody ever wants to be misled. Nobody wants misunderstanding in their personal or business lives. 

Be Boldbe bold company value

We are polite, professional, realistic, and authentic. We communicate promptly, clearly, and candidly in a respectful manner. We display a positive, helpful attitude, and maintain a healthy sense of humor when the going gets tough.

We could write a book about misinformation and misleading promises in the technology and marketing business. Personally, I believe it usually comes from a good place. The person making the promise says to themselves:  "I can do that...I may not know how to do it, but I can certainly learn it." Problem is, it might be at the client's expense. And once theory gives way to reality and the person making the promise is unable to able to deliver, everybody is in a bad spot. 

If anything, we're too cautious about describing what is possible. We once pitched an existing client on a new website. The word that came back is that we weren't as confident in the presentation as some of our competitors (we won the business.) We draw the line at bragging apparently! 

Our philosophy of "Be Bold" comes down to this:  If we "Master the Craft" and are sure we can "Make it Better," it's easy to "Be Bold." If we're being asked to cut corners or perform a task that we know is unwise, we simply won't do it. And we'll tell you why we won't in as professional and authentic way as we possibly can. 

At Keystone, we have one purpose: to be a family of talented individuals helping organizations achieve their mission. At all times, you can expect us to Be Bold.