The Newbie’s Guide to Content Marketing Strategy (Part Two)

In our last post about developing a content marketing strategy, we covered why you need content marketing and how to build your content marketing strategy. Today, we’ll focus on two important aspects of content marketing: the content itself and how to promote it. 

Creating Content for Your Content Marketing Strategy

The actual content you use for content marketing is the most important part of your entire strategy. You know from our last blog post that you’ll need to hire writers and editors to create the content for your content marketing strategy.
There are tons of kinds of content your writers could create, so where do you start? Here are some of our favorite types to use for content marketing.

We recommend creating an editorial calendar with a content schedule that uses a variety of the types listed above. You can go with a theme for each month based on your overall marketing strategy or mix it up. Make sure you create content that is targeted to each segment of your customer base, and that covers the different stages of the sales funnel. You need different pieces geared toward people just learning about your industry, people who are comparing prices and beneftis and people who are ready to buy.
When creating content, never skip the editing step. If you publish low quality content, you’ll push customers away instead of bringing them back for more. Once your copy is set, send it to a designer to be laid out. Then, at least one person should proofread it again before it gets posted to your site. Now is not the time for typos or design flaws! 

Promoting Your Content

A crucial part of any marketing strategy is promotion. For a content marketing strategy, that means promoting the content you’ve lovingly created and put online. If you just upload it and wait, you’ll see very slow readership, clicks and sales. You need to help draw visitors to your site to see the valuable materials you’ve created.
So, what are some ways to promote your content?

  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Social media ads 

Linking to your content and/or advertising on social media and relevant sites are great ways to bring new viewers to your site. Once you have potential clients’ email addresses, you can send targeted emails to move them down the funnel with content geared toward making them ready to purchase. You can also send generic emails to promote your broader, top-of-the-funnel materials.
Search engines can also do some of the work for you by optimizing your content. Your SEO specialist should make sure every single piece you produce is ready for search engines. The higher your website appears in search results for your keywords, the more clicks you’ll get.
Stay tuned to our blog for our final post about content marketing strategy, where we’ll cover the different tools you can use for content marketing and how to handle analytics and reporting.

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