Be All You Can Be, Website

Your website is much more than you think. If you think of your website as being the following, you’ll understand why giving it a little love and attention is so important.

It’s the hub.

A website is no longer just an online version of your contact information. Well, it shouldn't be anyway unless you want to look like a Stone Age organization. Today's successful websites share the organization's story in many ways. We encourage people to use all kinds of digital marketing - email newsletters, social media, online advertising - but they should all lead back to the website. From the website, you can more effectively engage prospects and enable them to do something - buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, download a resources or even pick up that Stone Age implement we call a "telephone."

It’s your story.

You might think your business or industry isn’t worth writing about, but surely there is something? If you're helping people solve problems...others with similar problems want to know. It's not enough these days to tell people what you do - they want to know how. How are you different? Why are you in business? Who are you helping? What are your customers' problems? The answers to all of these questions help prospects visualize why they should hire you and become your customer. Important stuff.

It’s your answers.

Be helpful. Engage with your customer by offering regularly updated content that is targeted to your audience. Think blog posts, FAQ pages, white papers and live chat. Not only does this help your prospects and customers better understand you; your website is more attractive to the search engines.

It’s your portfolio.

Your mother told you not to brag. Mom was wrong. Don't think of it as bragging if you can do it. Your website can be a place to show off your work as well as highlight some of the problems you have solved for your customers. This can be in the form of case studies, client lists, images, links to media stories, and much more.

It’s your credibility.

We hear all the time “my business is based on referrals,” and we say that this is even more reason a business’ website to look and function its best. Those referrals are going to go to your website and it had better not look like it was designed during the Clinton administration. People need more than just a name these days; they want to feel good about their choice. Through design and content, your website has the power to encourage people to become your customer.

It’s your contact information.

What do people do instead of opening of a phonebook? They Google. Or get the point, they're looking for you - or maybe your competitor? Make sure your contact information is easy to find. And make sure your website is optimized for mobile. That lady in the lane next to you, face in her phone, might need what you're selling. Especially if you're operating a body shop. There are a lot of people searching on phones these days, and this impacts your business more than you think.

It is your sign of success.

Is website traffic increasing? Are you meeting your marketing goals? Do you even have marketing goals? Wake up - it's almost 2015 - you're either working toward your goals or you're helping someone else achieve their goals. Are people interacting with your products and services they way you thought they would? If you were a prospect, would your site satisfy your curiosity? There is so much to learn by looking at your website’s analytics.

It's your brand.

Your website should reflect your company culture. Is your website content stoic and business-like yet your company full of highly-attractive, humorous, and educated technology professionals like Keystone? That's a bad plan. Not the good-looking, funny, and smart part...the fact that your website is as engaging as a two-hour long funeral and masking the thing that sets you apart from your nerdy competitors. Make sure your voice comes through...that's what branding is all about.

We're ideas people, and we can digitally package you and your business for the world to see! Start our process and make the most of your website.