Thankful For...

Thanksgiving - by a long shot - is my favorite holiday and it should be yours too.

First, Thanksgiving is all about Family. Oh, sure, there's football and food too. My mom's deviled eggs are required. All of those are fantastically awesome. Especially when Tony Romo throws a Pick-6 as time runs out and the Cowboys lose. But I digress. It's always great to see family. Unless of course it's not, at which point you can always mysteriously disappear to a Caribbean island. I've heard about such alternative Thanksgivings...

Second, there is no crass commercialism surrounding Thanksgiving. No lights, no trees, no costumes, no presents, no flowers. Just put your fat pants on and get to eating.

Third, it's always on a Thursday. Most other holidays, like Christmas can land on any day of the week! Nobody wants Christmas on Saturday or Sunday. Thor's namesake has many horrible things associated with it. Whether you're getting your tonsils removed, having a vasectomy, or your wisdom teeth extracted - it's probably on a Thursday. Surgeons are allergic to Friday at the office, especially those who work on pro athletes. I'll take turkey and all the fixings, thank you very much. On Thursday. We at Keystone are especially thankful this year.

Great People.

We're thankful for all the old and new customers who continue to give us their confidence. Everyone needs help navigating the sometimes frustrating world of business technology and inbound marketing. We're just happy Keystone is your team of choice. And if you haven't chosen us yet, well, you're missing out. Like family, our Keystone team is awesome. We love what we do and we enjoy working with each other. It's really a rare opportunity in this world...and for that, we're supremely thankful. And a special welcome to our newest full-time team member, Jason Lester. He is a fraternity brother of mine...but strategically avoided telling me he's an Alabama fan until after he was hired. Smart move, Jason. We've also convinced Brittany, Mailynne, and Gretchen - our marketing masterminds under Kathryn's direction - to become adjunct members of the team. They continue to amaze.

Great Technology.

Yeah, there is still some garbage out there - I'm looking at you, WordPress - but we don't mess with that stuff. We've begun a new offering of network monitoring services that lessen the chances your office technology will be out of commission. Adam has whipped Office 365 into submission and is ready to help you email in the cloud. Fun stuff. Small Business Server may be a thing of the past, but Office 365 is a very good upgrade. Kentico is the same workhorse CMS it ever was and now on version 8 with some great new features. If your website is still running on version 5.5, we'll be talking to you soon about upgrading...if we haven't already.

Hopefully none of you died of exposure waiting for the iPhone 6. If you did, I'm assuming someone else is reading this message. Anyway, I was ready to jump ship and came crawling back to Apple. Can't say I'm not better for the process. And the iPhone 6 is better than any Android phone - book it.

Bright Future.

If there is one thing we all need, it's something to look forward to. I've given up on meals in a pill and flying cars...but we do have desks that go up and down at the push of a button and we do have our Keurig. And those automated hand towel dispensers. No, wait, I hate those things. Is pulling a paper towel out of a steel box something that really needed technology? Anyway, we're continuing to build better networks, more effective websites, and most importantly, we're helping you become more efficient and provide better services to YOUR customers. 


Your move, Santa Claus. <drops mic>