Why You Shouldn't Manage Your Domains

The concept of the domain name has been around long enough to be of legal drinking age now. What hasn't changed in those 21 years is the fear that something could "happen" to your domain name. In that time, we've seen and experienced it all. Domain hijacking, vindictive and/or ghost-like website developers, jilted employees, deleted DNS information during botched cut-overs, and the old fashioned "I just forgot to renew the name...I thought those emails were garbage."

Why Keystone manages domains?

Early on in the life of Keystone, we let the customer be in control of their domain names. After one too many domain disasters, we said "Keystone, you'd better dive on this grenade for the good of all involved." Now, as part of our services to you, the Keystone customer, we will gladly manage your domain name. Why is this important?

Two big reasons:
1. We make 100% certain that it remains locked in our safekeeping, far away from the ne'er do-well dirtbags who would love to get their hands on your name.
2. We won't forget to renew it. You are busy running your business and it can be easy to forget to renew your domain. Believe us, we've seen it happen time and time again.

Furthermore, if you're a Keystone website hosting customer, we include renewal of one (1) domain at no additional cost. We'll renew your domain, perform any necessary ICANN compliance on your behalf, and make any needed DNS edits without bringing your business to its knees like some JV competitors we'll not mention here.

Why trust Keystone? We know what we're doing.

All that being said, yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Well...that all SOUNDS great, but what if Keystone is one of those uber-clown companies that disappears overnight, leaving me to track down a domain name that is vital to my business. And wait... I hardly understand domain names."

Our response to that is, well...check our references. We've been on this trek for 11 years and counting with an ever-lengthening list of raving-fans. We'd be happy to introduce you to them if it makes you feel better. And frankly, if you want to leave, we're not the possessive types. We're looking for mutual long-term relationships.

Let the experts take the domain pain off your back!