Abundance vs. Scarcity

We all know that person - scared to death that they've made their last dollar and everything is ending. It's a "scarcity mentality" frequently used by pandering politicians who would rather 'take care' of you than enable you to grow and prosper.

Let me assure you, we're not running Keystone that way. And don't misunderstand me, we're not lighting cigars with $100 bills here either.

Our focus is growing. And the efficiency of systems. And avoiding complexity for the sake of complexity. And doing things the right way. So here are a few things you'll catch us doing:

  • Getting rid of old hardware. If, for the cost to repair old hardware, you could almost buy NEW hardware, we'll tell you to buy a new desktop computer. The older the hardware, the more it will cost you to keep it running. So why spend money nursing hardware you'll need to replace soon anyway? Computers don't run forever. Invest in productivity tools, not repairs on old equipment.
  • Paying for software. Software is a tool, just like a hammer. You don't see contractors using the heel of their boot to drive nails. Find the right tool that will make you more productive and pay for it. You'll forget the cost when it makes you more productive and profitable.
  • Marketing our business. Marketing is not cheap...at least not good marketing. Market your business, get more business. Hope for more business...uh, yeah. We're eating our own dogfood at Keystone. We're using the same marketing tactics for Keystone that we'll employ for you. We know it yields more than we spend.
  • Employing great people. Our people are great at what they do. We're of a size that we really can't have anyone without GWC (get it, want it, has the capacity to do it). If they're not happy and productive here, it's best for everyone that they go do something that will make them happy. (Like Jeremy Scott, a Keystone alum. We're proud of you, Jerr-ball.) We could find people to work for peanuts, but that's a terrible business plan for productivity.
  • Doing the right thing. The people who do business with Keystone, almost without fail, trust our judgment. Sure, ask us why...we're happy to explain our thinking! But we haven't been in business for twelve prosperous years by giving bad advice. We'll make a decent living by helping you do your best.

Got any Keystone abundance stories you'd like to share? Send them to me...we're always looking for a way to better explain 'The Keystone Way.' You can email me at ejackson@wearekeystone.com.