Gratitude or "Thanksgiving" is a way of life. Or maybe it should be more so. Yesterday before heading out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, I took an informal poll of the Keystone crew. Inevitably, the standard stuff was, family, good health, a (new) roof overhead. There were also some fun a kitchen packed with snacks, soft drinks, and cold water; art; the garbage truck (?); and fun, incredibly talented, and dedicated co-workers.

Keystone is in the fortunate position to enjoy a small and fun community of funny, smart, and hard-working individuals, each of whom contribute to what we deliver for our customers in a special way.

So here's to you customers, vendors, and fans of Keystone:  none of this fun we are so grateful for could be possible without you giving us your confidence and letting us be a part of your world. Happy Thanksgiving. May you recognize and give thanks for all of your many blessings.