Value and Technology Budgeting

As you begin to prepare for 2016, you may be asking your IT consultant: "You want me to buy what? What is the bare minimum I can get away with? Because this is an expense...and I don't even want to spend this money."

This sort of thinking is fine if you're buying your daughter her first guitar. It happened to me. My daughter, thinking she might be the next Taylor Swift, wanted a guitar and lessons. There was no question: she was getting a $200 starter guitar. I knew the chances it would gather dust far outweighed its chances of gathering Grammys.

How do you assess IT purchases for your business? Are you in business to make a profit, or are you just in it for the fun? Do you expect your network to perform, or just sit on a shelf and gather dust?

If your business network is a productivity tool, your business infrastructure is Taylor Swift's guitar. T-Swizzle doesn't get on stage with a guitar that sounds better on a stand than in her hands. As a songwriter AND performer, her guitar is a crucial tool. Your network is a crucial tool in your success and productivity, and you should budget accordingly.

Let Keystone help you plan your 2016 technology needs. We’ll help you determine what purchases might be business critical and how your technology spending can increase productivity.