What is a Website Check-in?

Howdy, Brittany Darling here. My name may look familiar as I have started emailing our clients asking to set appointments to check-in. What’s this, you ask? Well, it’s a time for Keystone to sit down with you and look at your website. With regular check-ins, we can get to know you and your business better and ultimately help you work toward your goals.

Fact: Wardrobes need updating (unless your favorite piece of clothing happens to be a Nike pullover from 1996 – yes, I’m talking to you, Eric Jackson) from time to time. Cars, trains and airplanes need mechanical work to keep them running smoothly. Why not tune-up your website from time to time? Give it some attention and watch it work for you.

What questions do we ask at a website check-in?

  1. Are you happy? We’ll ask if you’re happy with the website overall. Is it meeting your goals? How does it navigate? Do you hear from clients that they like it, or are you secretly embarrassed to send people to your website?

  2. Is your website outdated? Are there elements that are outdated or that need refreshing? Are there employees listed that no longer work for your company? Are you updating your blog and changing out content? Websites are constantly changing, or they should be. Search engines love to see updated content and will reward those who are regularly updating with a higher search position.
  3. How's your website traffic? Is it driving the traffic you want? We’ll discuss your website’s analytics. Keystone will run a handy dandy report that tells us lots of things like how many visitors you have had in the past month, what percentage of traffic is coming from a mobile device, and where (geographically) your web traffic is coming from.
  4. Do you have marketing goals? We’ll talk about your marketing goals and how your website can contribute. Do you have questions about Facebook ads or Pinterest? We’re pretty good at developing ideas, and this is a good chance to pick our brain a bit.
  5. Does editing your website scare you? We’ll talk about editing your site. Kentico CMS (Content Management System) can be a bit daunting when you first start editing, and chances are you’ve got some questions about how to make basic edits. We can answer those questions and get you on your way to making edits. We’ll also bring you a copy of our manual to have on hand. Here’s a link if you would like to have it right now!
  6. Have you heard about our new hosting packages? We’ll talk about our hosting packages. We have recently introduced a set of hosting packages that incorporates Kentico upgrades, quarterly website health consultations, quarterly or monthly social media consultations, SSL certificate and loads of reports! There’s a package for everyone based on your business goals.
  7. What else is going on in your business? What about your business are you most proud of, and what needs the most work? Are there IT related issues that you are facing? We can help.

Why is all of this important? The answers to these questions help us understand your current business goals and gives us the opportunity to make sure your website is in line with those goals. We know our industry very well, and chances are you’ll walk away having learned something new and we will, too!

See you soon!