6 Ways Our Team Uses Trello Outside of Work

Through the years, we’ve tried several project management tools for executing our marketing projects for our clients. We’ve settled on Trello because of its notifications and drag-and-drop experience. We love it so much that we use it for much more than work.

Here are a few examples:  

1. House Dreams: Jamie is renovating a house and has created a Trello board to help he and his wife, Emma, figure out what’s next. Eric also has a home board to prioritize future purchases and projects.

2. Meal Planning: I keep my family’s favorite recipes in Trello labeled by cuisine. Each week I pick several and create my grocery list. This Trello board keeps recipes organized and allows us to rotate meals, so we don’t get stuck on the same few favorites.

3. Wedding Planning: Taylor recently created a Trello board for her upcoming wedding. There are many "wedding timeline" planners, but none were quite customizable enough. Trello allows her to break down what needs to be done each month, store contact information for vendors, and track money that's been spent.

4. Vacation Planning: I recently planned my family’s vacation to Hawaii on Trello. Each day got a different column. I added family members to the board so they could add input and see the various options of things we could do. When six adults go to Hawaii together, you need an easy way to communicate during planning.

5. Household Chores: Gretchen set up accounts for her three children. She can assign chores and deadlines. She also asks each child to upload an image once the task is complete. Brilliant.

6. Random Lists: Whether it's grocery checklist, TV shows to watch, books to read, restaurants to visit, places to travel, etc.,  Trello is the answer. For example, I started a Trello board for my Christmas shopping. Each person I’m shopping for has a card, and I can add the price, image, a link to buy online, and a label (bought, wrapped) to each card.

If you haven’t used Trello, we encourage you to give it a try. We organize both our work and our personal lives on it!

Bonus: There's a Trello app. Meaning you'll have all of your lists whenever and wherever you need them. 
Extra Bonus: All of this awesomeness is FREE.