Microsoft Office 365: Believe the Hype

Let's face it. We live in a hype-Economy. There is hyperbole and soap-opera-level drama attached to nearly every attempt at marketing

But one thing is for sure, the hype over Office 365 is REAL. There are a three basic things you need to know about why Office 365 is a game changer.


No more Microsoft Exchange migrations.

Microsoft Office 365 lives on that "cloud" you've heard so much about. No more buying servers every five years and migrating your email, calendar and contact data (and the requisite hardware to go with it.) It's accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.


It's everywhere.

Office 365 is available in your web browser (not kidding,) your smartphone, your desktop, your tablet..I mean everywhere. Simply login to your Office 365 account in a web browser and get to work on Excel, Word,'re in business wherever you go.


It costs less.

Yes, really. In the past, you probably purchased a new version of Office 365 with every new computer...because upgrading was no less expensive. Now, when a new version of Office comes out, you get it at no additional cost. Over the lifetime of the product, your financial outlay is reduced.


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