Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is the best holiday, period. End of story. Why? Well, it's on a Thursday for one. What other holiday falls on Thursday every year, giving us a shorter week during which we can be thankful for a little respite from our hectic lives?

There is food, and lots of it. Who doesn't like an endless smorgasboard of turkey, dressing, gravy, potatoes of several varieties, and my personal favorite - deviled eggs. I once asked my mom if she planned to make deviled eggs, because if she answered wrong I wasn't coming. We didn't have to figure out if I was joking or not; she delivered.

No gifts. You don't have brave hostile crowds, breaking the bank, trying to give people more stuff they probably don't need anyway. You just give a few hugs, hang out with people you love, eat too much, watch football, sleep on the couch, and be thankful. That's my plan, anyway.

And at Keystone have much to be thankful for this year:

  •  The presidential election is over. This is first for a reason. 
  • We moved to new office space in Goodlettsville. Sure, that's old news now, but we like it quite a we're still thankful. 
  • Our Core Values, rewritten and much easier to remember now, hang in our conference room and guide everything we do. Yes, we're sort of proud of took some effort.
  • Brett Scott and Taylor Mullins joined the Keystone team. Yay! 
  • It's finally cold. I know this makes some of you mad, but this author has had enough of the warm weather. It's November, people. Now if it will just rain. 
  • We're upgrading to a new CRM (customer relationship management) called ConnectWise. It's going to be a lot of work for us, but it will help us deliver better service to our clients. 

Lastly, a huge thanks to the Keystone family. I've never worked with a more dynamic, interesting, talented, and just plain nice group of people in my life. I want to think I've finally 'made it,' but there is way more to come. Here's to the past, propelling us to the future. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.