Key Question: Why Does a Website Go Down?

As a consumer, websites having downtime isn’t uncommon in our day and age. However, as a business, a website going offline for even a few hours can be costly. It’s time to recognize some of the most common reasons that websites go down.

Hardware Failures
Hardware failures account for more than 50% of all downtime for small to mid-sized businesses. No one can predict a widespread power outage or a hard drive crash.

DNS Issues
Anything from misspelling a nameserver to letting a domain name expire will cause your website to go down. If DNS is the reason that your site isn’t loading, you’ll need to figure out what to do to correct it ASAP. This is also why we recommend letting professionals handle your domain.

DDoS or DoS Attacks
This means Distributed Denial of Service or Denial of Service. The only difference being that a DoS is carried out by a single computer while a DDoS is carried out by multiple. In both instances, a destination server is flooded in attempts to overwhelm it so much that it will stop accepting new connections. If a website has been attacked through a DoS or DDos, you will not be able to connect to it. Even if you are not the target website, a shared server will mean that your website could be unavailable as well if you are connected to the same one as the target.

General Heavy Traffic
In recent years there has been an obsession with “breaking the internet” with random bits of outrageous pop culture. While this saying isn’t technically accurate, if a website incurs a tidal wave of traffic, it can overload a server, causing a website to go down. Just ask Ellen.

We’d like to say that there’s a foolproof way to prevent your website from ever crashing, but that would simply be dishonest. However, we do know that partnering with Keystone is a great start in the right direction. Give us a call.