11 Signs it's Time for a New Website

Wondering if you need a new website? Here are 11 signs telling you it's time for an overhaul or at least a face lift. 

1. Your navigation looks like a filing system. 

Navigations are no longer multi-levels deep. Keep your primary navigation short and sweet. Put the most important pages at the beginning of the navigation. 

2. The site looks horrible from your phone or tablet.

 Most of our websites are now seeing anywhere from 15-60% mobile traffic. These numbers will only increase. Make sure your site is optimized for all devices. 

3. You are using outdated images, clipart - or you aren’t using graphics at all.

Images should help explain who you are and what you do. Ideally they'll be of your building and your people. Your site is an important extension of your business, and using images are one of the best ways to reflect your brand. 

4. Your contact information is hard to find. 

People expect that they can quickly go to your site and find what they need. A Contact tab is still standard, but people have come to expect it to be last and in the upper right-hand corner. And make sure your site links to your social media accounts. 

5. It’s S-L-O-W…. 

Does your site load quickly? Don’t give people the opportunity to close the site just because the information isn’t loading fast enough. 

6. Flash.

It doesn’t work on Apple products. Google doesn’t like it. There shouldn't be any other reasons to avoid Flash these days. 

7. Autoplay.

If your site plays music or video without the user pushing play, we have a problem. It’s annoying and often causes people to leave your site immediately just to get the music or video to stop. 

8. It’s been 3+ years since you last redesigned your site.

Search engine algorithms change all the time. Screen sizes get larger and smaller. Browsers get faster. Time changes everything; make sure your website is keeping up. 

9. Your competitor’s site is better.

These days, a website is often the first encounter with a potential customer. Take a look at the design and content of your competitors’ websites. How does your compare? Think from a buyer’s perspective. Would you select your company? 

10. You aren’t getting the results you want.

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if it isn’t accomplishing its goal. If you aren’t getting more leads, more emails, more traffic, more of whatever you are looking for, it’s time to take a good look at your site. 

11. You are embarrassed.

If deep down you really don’t want to send people to your website, it’s way past time for a redesign. Let’s take care of it.
Keystone's process of Plan, Build, Fly makes a website redesign simple but purposeful. Contact us to discuss getting started.