8 Pinterest Pointers

While Pinterest is a booming social media platform, we still get a lot of questions from our customers who are looking to start a business account. Here are some of our best Pinterest tips:

1. Make sure your Pinterest account is branded. This includes the board names. If your brand is witty, be creative with your names. If your brand is professional, keep the names a little more corporate.

2. Use your company keywords in the board and pin descriptions, but make sure you tell people what the board or pin is all about too. Don’t just use keyword after keyword.

3. Keep descriptions short and simple - between 100 and 200 characters. Pin more than your products and blog posts; pin related content from other sources as well. Your account should be more than just the product or service you are selling. Decide what lifestyle you are trying to promote and pin things that relate to that lifestyle.

4. If possible, link every pin back to your website or another useful site.

5. Watch the copyright on your images. If possible, use your own images.

6. Are you a local business? Be sure to include the name of city in your about section. You could also create a board about your city.

7. Pin regularly and not all at one time. Space pins out. Nighttime seems to be when Pinterest sees a lot of traffic, so it could benefit you to spend some time on Pinterest after working hours and on Saturday mornings.

8. Update boards' cover photos routinely to keep your account looking fresh.

Are you on Pinterest? Seeing any traffic back to your site. Let us know what is working for you!