Marketing Professionals to Follow

Seth Godin

Twitter followers: 413K
Facebook fans: 269,018  
Website: Seth Godin

"When in doubt, be human." Out of this profound statement by Godin, comes genius, relevance, and consistency. Coincidentally, these characteristics also describe Godin himself. We are all human, therefore market to humans by being human. Seth Godin has a fresh perspective and has been in the business of marketing for a LONG time. Long enough to have written a LOT of books, 17 to be exact. Seth's website: Seth's Twitter: Seth's Facebook:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Twitter followers: 1.09 mil
Facebook fans: 13,998 
Website: Vayner Media 
Gary's website: Gary Vaynerchuk

Whoa! This guy has more energy that 10 three year olds in a room together! He started his own media company called Vaynermedia which has worked with big brands such as GE, Dove, and Monopoly. We love his video series #askgaryvee. He's living what he preaches, answering questions both personal and professional, with honesty and a real sincerity (and a little irreverence).

Laura Roeder

Twitter followers: 28.8K
Facebook fans: 41,511 
Website: LKR Social Media

She's young, but her go-getter spirit, work ethic, and tireless need to continue learning make her one of our top social media experts to know now (not to mention she has her own company, LKR Social Media). She specifically markets to small businesses. With a great team behind her, she had developed systems like Creating Fame [] and Social Brilliant [] among others that focus on the burning questions that small business owners ask everyday.

Jay Baer

Twitter followers: 135K
Facebook fans: 11,340 
Website: Convince and Convert

Jay is a powerhouse in the marketing world and has written best sellers like The Now Revolution and Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype. He's got several e-books available for download as well!

Amy Porterfield

Twitter followers: 97K
Facebook fans: 113,232
Website: Amy Porterfield

Go on, go to her website. Can you see this girl as a biker chick? Well, she was (is). She got her start with Harley Davidson, then joined Tony Robbins before starting her own agency. Amy has a passion for Facebook and showing small business owners how it's done through webinars and podcasts. Check her out!

All of these social media experts, authors, and generally cool people add a different flavor to the social media experience they offer to their clients. Like great social marketers and branders, they offer newsletters and freebies to their fans and followers. Our suggestion? Follow them. Sign up for their weekly or monthly newsletters and read it. Educate yourself about your specific industry trends and do SOMETHING. Pick one or two niblets and just go for it!