What's With the Paper Airplane?

"So...I like it but...why the paper airplane?" is a question I've heard more than once. There are many analogies between the work we do and a paper airplane


I have vivid memories as a kid of folding paper to create the perfect airplane. If you're under the age of 25 and reading this - this is what we did instead of SnapChat to entertain ourselves. The paper airplane who went furthest won. This was creativity in engineering (going furthest distance) and design (look the most like something from Star Wars) in its purest form. 

That said, you can only get so creative with a paper airplane - or a computer network. There are certain principles of aerodynamics - and current office computer technology - that must be heeded. We're often asked "well, what if we dropped this piece out of the network." Let me assure you...we're not adding cutting-edge toys to your network for our amusement. If it's there, it's because it's the best tool offered to fix whatever business problem you're trying to solve. Never will we be accused of putting a ridiculous (and unnecessary) rear spoiler on your network. 

Who hasn't been to a website that looks like someone simply vomited content all over the page, giving little thought to the needs of the visitor? Getting that part right - putting the right information in the right place - is part art and a little science. Understanding the market for your website and business is vital...and looking at the historical analytics for the existing website can tell you a lot...if you're willing to listen and understand. 


In order for the paper airplane to work, someone must pick it up and throw it. Throw it at the ground like a troglodyte and not much fun happens. Gracefully point that same paper airplane in the right direction, taking advantage of available wind or landscape, and you've got a thing of beauty. 

That analogy is applicable to the people of Keystone. Should you buy all the hardware and software we buy and attempt to make sense of it...well, we don't call you a troglodyte. Let's just say that our decades of experience and ability to optimize a business network for premium efficiency is not something that just happens. Every day our people are learning and pushing each other to do the best job possible for our customers. It's truly what motivates us each day. We actually enjoy vigorous discussion about our work. Constant education and improvement is our gig. 

Inbound marketing requires you to pick up that paper airplane (the website) and throw it again and again (content marketing). Building a website without generating and distributing unique content that demonstrates what you do and how you do it (yeah, you're reading some right now) will yield you very little. Not everyone has the skills necessary to manage an inbound marketing effort successfully any more than they can manage a complex business computer network. 

Let's just say that if you're looking for the creativity and people to help your business fly, we can definitely help you.