Ransomware is the New Malware

It's 2014, and digital security stories - or lack-of-security - are all the rage. The Target breach, the Home Depot payment breach, IRS identity tax refund fraud, and well..., I could go on for days. But let's talk future. All that stuff will continue to happen; now add to it the menacing specter of ransomware. And you thought kidnapping was so 1930s? 

Ransomware - and in this case, the new CryptoWall - is a virus that locks every data file on your computer. Yes, you can pay $500 to unlock it; more if you wait. The phenomenon has even been highlighted in the popular Sunday night lawyer-drama, "The Good Wife." I know this because I may or may not have been kidnapped and forced to watch it. (Just kidding, honey.)

You can read all the gory details about CryptoWall here

So how do you fight ransomware? Well, it's always been pretty simple:


Make sure your data is backed up every day. Keystone does that for companies that can't afford the time and money it takes to be held hostage. 


Install all your computer and server updates. There are many...or you could just tell us to do it and we'll manage all that mindless computer business and make sure your firewall is up-to-date. Want to literally see what's going on in the world of hackers? Check this out...you've been warned. 

Content Filtering.

You should be doing content filtering. If you want to keep all your employees off People.com and on the work you're paying them to do, it's a bargain. If you're not doing it, you're giving them free reign to read People.com (we cannot recommend this) and inevitably surf onto some trashy, malware-infested website. That story ends with you giving your credit card number to some Russian hacker who - in comparison - makes Super Creepy Rob Lowe look like the kind of guy you'd like to hang with. But this isn't about cable or DirecTV...it's about protecting your business.

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