Web Design Trends Coming in 2016

It’s that time of year again when every design firm predicts the website trends of the future. Well, Keystone has our own list of trends we predict will be hot in 2016. Take a look at our short list of web design trends coming in 2016 you don’t want to miss.

  1. The long scroll. If you haven’t already picked up on this trend, you may want to put it on your to-do list when it comes to your website. The buzz words, “above the fold” are no longer popular due to the ever increasing use of mobile devices. The visitors want to feel right at home on the first page they come to – tell them a story while they scroll down to your footer. The more engaging, the better.
  2. The card layout. Pinterest seemed to start this phenomenon, and it’s not going away. It allows your information to be consumable in small sections. This helps a visitor to scan quickly and find just what they need.
  3. Not just hero images, but hero videos, too. We’ve all seen the bigger than life high definition images at the top of websites that stretch to each side of your screen, and we love it. It gives more of a human and real feeling to the site. Heck, we’ve designed several sites with this trend in mind, but in 2016 hero videos will be taking the web design space by storm. Of course, the video you choose has to be more of a background video that compliments all other elements of your site, but just a slight movement adds so much more. Try it – it will catch your visitor’s attention immediately.
  4. Almost-flat design. Everyone in the design industry went crazy over the flat design trend, but now it’s even better. Try out almost-flat design. It’s flat, but it has just a little sense of depth and shadow to it.
  5. The hamburger menu. Many sites have started using this already, but it is going to be hot in 2016. All websites are becoming responsive and to do that they need to be able to show their menus in a small space. The solution – a hamburger menu. What is the hamburger menu? It’s three horizontal short lines usually found in the top left or right of a website. Once you click on it, the menu will quickly pop up and get you to where you need to go.
  6. Animation. Animation can be created in several ways. Whether an element changes slightly as you hover over it or if it’s an illustration that comes to life when you interact with the site – animation is key. A new animation trend in 2016 is the use of cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are moving images. It’s not just an image or a photo; a part of it moves. Maybe it’s a photo of a cat, and you can only see its tail moving. These are not videos and actually can be better to use because they take up less bandwidth.

Of course, not all of this year’s trends are going away and being replaced. There are several that are here to stay for the long haul. Our most favorites are:

  • Responsive Web Design – will it every go away? We definitely don’t think so. Mobile phones and tablets are here to stay and as long as they are here, so is the need for responsive web design.
  • Storytelling – more often than not, websites are now telling stories, which makes a visitor wanting more. We are all human, and we all love a good story. If you haven’t incorporated your story into your site, make it happen.

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