Website Homepage Checklist

Your homepage is one of the most important pages of your website, if not the most important. It’s often called the digital “front door” of your company. Is yours the best it can be?

The homepage sets the tone for the rest of the website. Often, many homepages have been created to try and accomplish too much. You've seen this more than once. When the homepage loads, you see multiple messages screaming at you within seconds. It turns you off and it is actually quite overwhelming and ineffective. What a homepage should do is keep the user engaged and prompt them to do something. 

So what should be on your homepage? Here is a checklist of elements most homepage should have:

  1. Logo. Well, obviously. 
  2. Navigation. Give people a clear picture of what is available on your website. Keep it simple, and we recommend a top navigation these days. 
  3. Headline. We recommend a short and simple statement that clearly describes what you offer your clients. This statement will often be the first thing your website visitors will see. Capture them and tell them how you can help. Keep it simple and easy to understand. 
  4. Calls to Action. These are statements like buy now, donate, sign-up, download, register, and learn more. We recommend having one clear call to action in the header and one to two others further down on the homepage. We also recommend having an email sign up in the footer and/or another area of the homepage for people that want to stay in touch. 
  5. Customer Benefits. Find ways to state how you are uniquely beneficial to your customer. Tell they why they should use your company.
  6. Images. We love custom photography and frown on stock photography, but we know awesome photography is not always an option. Don't worry, there are some free image sites out there. Just make sure to pick engaging images, not boring business people. 
  7. Resources. Links to blog posts, tips, downloads, FAQs, etc. help keep potential clients engaged and eager to learn more. 
  8. Contact Info. This is hopefully a no-brainer, too. You need to give your address, phone number and email address. We typically put this information in the footer, a place visitors are used to looking, but if you are a service-oriented business, you may want to list your phone number in the header. 
  9. Social Media Icons. Give visitors a way to interact with you on social media platforms. 
  10. Brief Description. Homepages should have a brief statement about the company and its services/products. How are you different than your competitors? Are you known for quality? Is your process unique?
  11. Testimonials. Most sites, especially service and e-commerce sites, will benefit from customer proof. Collect what people say about you and use it on your website. If you’ve won any awards that would be valuable to your customers, showing the award name or logo would be good.
  12. Blog. If you are keeping an updated blog, feature headlines on the homepage. Blog posts and news updates can be an effective way to keep your reader engaged. 
  13. Video. Keep it short (under 3 minutes) and do not let it autoplay. Include a "watch this video" CTA. 

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