Key Question: What is Web Hosting?

Key Question:

What is website hosting?

Keystone Answer:

Web hosting is essentially how you get your website onto the world wide web. A web host, or someone who provides a web hosting service, owns a server and “rents” out web space. This server is essentially the computer on which the web pages are stored.

Website hosting services are not created equal. There are some stupid cheap web hosting vendors out there that simply don’t provide business-class web hosting service. Getting the support you need from those guys can be nearly impossible, especially if you’re not familiar with the technical end of things. Unless you’re an IT or web hosting guru, you’re best off hiring an expert to manage the entire operation.  

At Keystone, we use Amazon to host our CMS websites and our non-CMS clients are hosted on Rackspace. Both are managed cloud systems, offering tons of space for any website needs.

If you have any questions about building and hosting your website, give us a call.