Our Pasts Are Haunting Us...

We’ve all got a few skeletons in the closets, but nothing will quite give you the heeby-jeebies like seeing your old costume choices for Halloween. We blew the dust off of our photo albums and present to you:

Our Haunting Pasts


"Seems I was a clown every year until age 6 or so..." - Kathryn Good


"Growing up with a kindergarten teacher as a mom always had me in unique handmade costumes." - Gretchen Owens


"I just had to include two pictures to point something out: just as sure as death and taxes was my white Keds making an appearance on Halloween. Oh, and being covered head-to-toe (peep the turtleneck) because Halloween is always when winter decides to creep into Middle Tennessee." - Taylor Veal


And folks, it doesn't get better than this.....


"In 2011, I had long hair and as a child admired WWF Superstar The Ultimate Warrior. I won the Halloween costume contest at Mercy Lounge." - Jamie Holland