3 Reasons Remote Monitoring and Management is a Good Choice

We know it isn’t easy to run a small business. A lot of the difficulty comes from the fact that -- as an owner of a small business -- you have some limitations that dictate how you can run your business. A significant limitation for many companies is money.  However, modern solutions can help you squeeze more value from your budget. One such answer is remote monitoring and management.

Let’s say your company began to encounter an issue that, try as you might, you can’t seem to find a resolution for; you would need the skilled help of an IT technician. Situations like these emphasize the value in having an IT service department ready and waiting to help you with your issues. All you would need to do is submit a ticket through a service portal that described your issue, and a technician would be able to review and respond to the ticket--remotely resolving the problem for you--without needing to make a costly, billable trip to your location.

This scenario is possible through remote monitoring and management (RMM) services. Leveraging the connectivity that we enjoy today through our technology, RMM can ensure that your business’ solutions are ready when you are. An RMM service can do so through the following strategies:

Installing Updates and Patches

Consider how many workstations are present in your office. If you were to manually install the patches and updates that are necessary for your security, you wouldn’t have the time to do anything else--especially when you factor in how often these updates and patches are released. Remote monitoring and management can solve this problem, as we can remote into your systems and apply all of the patches and updates at the same time, without coming on-site.

Network Security

With recent events as they have been, network security is a crucial matter that needs attention. However, how can you keep out threats that you weren’t even aware existed? Instead of you spending time and effort searching for the defenses that your business needs, our team can remotely monitor your network for threats. We don’t stop at security issues, either--we’ll also keep an eye out for signs of hardware failure and other stressful problems.

Time Savings

If one of your employees encounters an issue and has to call a technician onsite to resolve it, what is that employee doing in the time it takes to fix the issue (let alone the time it takes the tech to get there)? They almost certainly aren’t being productive, which isn’t helping your business. Our technicians can simply remote into your systems to resolve most problems, allowing your employee to return to work much faster than they could otherwise. If the problem does prove to require an on-site visit, you can expect polite and prompt service from our technicians.

If remote monitoring and management sounds like a solution that could have a place in your business, let us know by calling 615-826-3500.