Market Like a Professional: The Best and Easiest Marketing Apps for your Business

You know there are some pretty awesome marketing apps out there, but you just don’t have the time to search, read reviews, download and try out all those apps (with more being created every day). We get it.

Don’t worry; we’ve searched high and low for the latest and greatest marketing apps, so you don’t have to. Here are our top six apps that you should be using to market your business like a professional.

HooteSuite (FREE)

This powerhouse app is like a personal assistant for your social media accounts. You can schedule posts for up to three Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts all from this one free app. When you dedicate an hour once a week to auto-schedule your social media posts using HooteSuite, you’ll increase your productivity and eliminate the “I’ll just spend 2 minutes posting this to Facebook” diversions that all-too-often end up taking 30 minutes or more.

Buffer (FREE)

One of the many appeals of social media is just how easy it makes finding multiple articles, videos and images that relate to your brand and resonate with your customers. But what do you do when you find the content for five awesome posts within a span of 15 minutes? You use Buffer! With this free app, you add those great links, images, videos and text to your Buffer que, and schedule the posts to reach your audience throughout the day. Content can also be posted immediately from within the app. And like all great marketing apps, buffer also provides analytics to help you track clicks, shares, retweets, likes and mentions.

Photomarkr (FREE)

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if your picture is telling someone else’s story? With the viral nature of social media, more businesses are finding their pictures being used to promote other companies and products. PhotoMarkr is a simple app that allows you to add a watermark to your photos before posting on social media. Add your Instragram handle, website URL or other identifying text, and ensure your photos draw people back to your brand.

PicPlayPost (FREE)

Combine the emotional power of music, image and video to make your products, services and brands come alive to your audience. PicPlayPost makes it easy to create custom collages and then share them on all your social media platforms. Tag your post with #picplaypost for the chance to be featured on the official PicPlayPost Explore feed and Instagram, Vine and Facebook accounts. (A little free exposure never hurt any small business!

Slidergram (FREE)

Videos are highly watched and shared on social media platforms, and with this free app, you can easily turn a series of photos from your mobile phone into a dynamic video slideshow. Slidergram also lets you add background music and text to your photos for a fully customizable (and free) marketing video.

Iconosquare (FREE)

Instragram isn’t going anywhere, but it often makes small businesses uncomfortable because it doesn’t provide in-app analytical tools. That’s where Inconosquare comes in the picture. Inconosquare (formerly called Statigram) provides key metrics for your Instragram account. While not technically an app, this mobile-friendly website lets you easily track who is following (and unfollowing) your account, the total number of likes received, likes and comments on specific photos, your most-liked photo, and more.

While these apps will help you market like a professional, they can’t take the place of consulting with a true marketing professional from time to time. When you need more help than an app can provide, we’re here for you. Contact us today.