by Keystone

Why Upgrade to Kentico 8?

As we are contacting customers about upgrading, they ask, “If my website isn’t broken, why would I change anything?” The simple answer is that we want our customers to keep up with technology to have the highest web traffic possible.

Kentico 8.0 is the latest version from Kentico, the content management system Keystone uses to build websites. The clever folks at Kentico are smart enough to know that technology gets old real fast, and if they want to stay relevant, they have to keep up. Each version of Kentico gets better and better.

Here are some powerful reasons to upgrade:

  1. First and foremost, security. Kentico does not support outdated versions of the software.
  2. Version 8’s dashboard is much more user-friendly. Tasks like uploading and inserting images, creating blog posts and editing pages are much easier in the new platform.
  3. It looks cleaner. The look and feel is updated and more appealing to the eye.
  4. Improved performance. Pages will load faster enabling users to dig through your site quickly and efficiently to find the information they need.
  5. Forms have been improved. If you have a sign up form or an estimate form on your website currently, the Kentico 8 platform has new field options with better management tools for both us and you.
  6. SEO. Search Engine Optimization is such a hot topic these days – for good reason! The platform itself is more searchable to Google meaning the way Google reads your site for it to show up in search returns is improved.

Other things to consider:

Go responsive. With mobile and tablet traffic approaching 50% on most websites, Google is rewarding those companies who are putting user experience first. It’s time to get onboard with responsive design.

Take a fresh look at content and design. Maybe it is time to update those areas, too.

Do you have questions? Contact me, Brittany Darling. I can answer your upgrade and content related questions.