When to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

The term “digital marketing” covers a broad range of business practices from Web development and SEO to content-based initiatives such a blogging, social media, and email marketing.

Sometimes, it’s obvious that you need outside help from a digital marketing agency. When you’re building a new website, for example, you need a team of content, design and programming experts that you likely don’t have in-house. Even if you do have the internal manpower, it probably doesn’t make sense to divert the attention of those individuals into the massive undertaking of a website rebuild.

Other times, it’s less clear if you can handle your digital marketing needs internally, or if you need to bring a social media marketing consultant, SEO consultant, content marketing agency or digital marketing agency into the conversation.

Don’t worry. This blog post will help clarify this common human resources problem. Here are two times your business should outsource its digital marketing.

1. When non-marketing folks are spending too much time thinking about marketing.

In small and midsized companies, it’s typical for employees to wear multiple hats. But, if your CMO tweets, your CEO edits email copy and your IT admin sets SEO strategy, everyone may be wearing one hat too many.

When correctly executed, digital marketing is a full-time job. It’s fine if non-specialists weigh in on one or two issues that overlap with their areas of expertise, but when digital marketing issues fall outside of these areas or when they take time away from valuable, strategic work, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency.

2. When you have the budget to hire one marketing consultant, but could use a whole team.

This is a digital marketing agency’s biggest selling point — it’s often cheaper or the same price to hire an agency than it is to hire an internal marketing employee. With a digital marketing agency, you get a whole team of experts, from the senior manager who can help establish your digital marketing goals, to the social media marketing consultant who can help maximize your social media ads and paid placements.

A team approach is especially important when tackling technical projects or areas that you lack expertise. Sure, your can hire an internal employee to handle your company’s SEO and inbound marketing leads, but if you don’t fully understand SEO and inbound marketing and what success (and failure) looks like, how can you monitor the performance of your sole employee? Take his or her word for it? Is his or her work exceptional or just average? It can be hard to tell.

Within a digital marketing agency, everyone’s an expert and underperforming employees can be easily identified. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you can be confident that the consultants put on your account really are the crème de la crème.

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