by Keystone

5 Top Tech Stories in August

We're back with the top tech news and information for the month of August.

1. Too Many Stories:  Innovation in social media becomes R&D (rip-off and duplicate) as Instagram (this time) copies Snapchat. 

2. YahooView: Slowly but surely television is going the way of the music industry, giving people choices THEY want. Are you listening Comcast? 

3. Cracking down on "intrusive advertising": What’s worse than pop-ups? Pop-ups on mobile. Google takes action.

4. Microsoft launches new tools: Evernote made me mad today (Locked notes that can’t be unlocked? And not help? Really, Evernote?) so this pleases me greatly. Microsoft’s OneNote is looking pretty attractive right now AND Microsoft Flow? Microsoft keeps coming…

5. And for a good chuckle: If you’re not on the weird Internets (yeah, nerd term), this may be new to you. Be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you’ll get meme’d without mercy. Not even Michael Jordan is immune.