Emergency Directive for Microsoft Critical Vulnerabilities

Emergency Directive for Microsoft Critical Vulnerabilities

On January 14th,  Microsoft released several security updates to address critical vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities were discovered in the Windows CryptoAPI – used to secure Windows-based applications, as well as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on both RDP Gateway Servers and RDP Clients.

Several security flaws are serious enough the Department of Homeland Security has issued an Emergency Directive ordering all Federal agencies to patch these vulnerabilities within the next ten days.

We recommend immediately installing this month’s security updates.

Many Keystone customers using remote access are affected and will require a system patch. We are working through our managed network customers at this time and contacting anyone else who is affected by the vulnerability to schedule system patching.

While there are no active attacks known at this time, these vulnerabilities attract bad actors who will attempt to use them to breach your network. We will update this notice if an attack is detected in the wild.

We want to make sure you stay informed and protected, so stay tuned to this blog.

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