Our Favorite Small Businesses

Keystone is a small business that loves small businesses. We strive to support local businesses when we can and let all our friends know about them. These are some of the Keystone marketing team’s favorite local businesses around the Nashville and Hendersonville area.

Nashville Disc Golf Store | Jason Torrence

I’m a big fan of the Nashville Disc Golf Store, which is on Murfreesboro Rd., just across from the airport. They offer the great service you’d expect from a boutique, and that’s especially helpful in a niche sport like disc golf. They’re always glad to answer questions, and they do a great job of helping customers find the best discs for their unique playing style. Thanks to their rewards program, I find myself visiting the Nashville Disc Golf Store a little more often than my wife would prefer, so I get her new discs just often enough to keep her happy and to keep her game on point.

Cafe Rakka | Eric Jackson

I picked Café Rakka as my favorite small business for one simple reason:  the product is fantastic. At a certain size in business, you can create something special. And if you like “Mediterranean” food, THIS is special. “Chef” as we call him, takes great pride in the quality and preparation of all his ingredients. He knows that if you cut corners, it shows.

Our own Jamie Holland once asked Chef, “how can I make hummus like yours?” Chef’s reply? “You can’t.” He went on to explain that he sources his ingredients from places far and wide to which we would not have access. And even if we did, we’d never be able to put it all together like he does.

Café Rakka has been a staff favorite for years. Fortunately, when we moved to Goodlettsville at the end of 2015, we were still close enough to eat at Café Rakka every day if we wanted to!

Local Foodie Favorites | Jamie Holland

All about the food, these are my favorite new places to eat in Hendersonville:

And as a bonus: my go-to place for outdoor power equipment is Cirrus Outdoor Power. The customer service here is the best and a good place to get answers on all things outdoor.

Then & Again Home Marketplace | Gretchen Owens

My favorite local small business is a specialty boutique for home decor and furnishings, Then & Again Marketplace. Then & Again is my go-to store when I’m looking for a new piece of unique furniture, a gift, or just creative inspiration. The selection of old furniture made new is amazing, but they also have several pieces of older pieces ready for your creative touch.

Hendersonville Children’s Clinic/Bluegrass Beverages | Kathryn Good

One of my favorite small businesses is my pediatrician’s office, Hendersonville Children’s Clinic. Our pediatrician is Dr. Catherine Wiggleton, and she always goes above and beyond to take care of my children with love, attention, and expertise. She has been such a blessing in our lives. Another favorite business is Bluegrass Beverages … because they always have just want I need to relax after taking care of said children.

The Red Tulip/Bluegrass Bar and Grill | Taylor Mullins

I’m a little biased, but my favorite small business is The Red Tulip in Gallatin. Yes, it’s a family-owned business, but in the 10 years my mom and grandmother have owned the store, it’s taught me a ton about small business ownership. While I’m not certain I’ll go into the “family biz” someday, I have a strong appreciation for local businesses and do all I can to support them (and work for them; thanks, Keystone!).

My less biased, second favorite is Bluegrass Bar and Grill. From the outside, it’s just a little hole-in-the-wall bar. From the inside… it’s also a little hole-in-the-wall bar. But the pizza is phenomenal, they know my family by name, and it’s a fun and casual atmosphere to spend time with our friends, watch sporting events and grab some great food.

As patrons, we love to brag about our favorite businesses, and as a Nashville digital marketing agency, we love to help local businesses get ahead. If you’re interested in taking your digital marketing efforts to the next level, give us a shout.

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