Is Your Website Optimized?

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What's in this Report?

Search Engine Optimization

Can your users find you? Is your site optimized? This report grades and guides you on how to:

What's in this Report?

Social Media

Is your social media strategy effective? Your social channels should funnel your users back to your website, where you can share your products and services with them. We'll let you know how you're doing on:

What's in this Report?

Website Security

Is your site secure enough? A secure, malware-free site inspires confidence in your users and helps keep you off of blacklists. Your free report will look at things like:

  • Security Certificate
  • Harmful Malware
  • Outdated Software
  • Email Privacy

What's in this Report?

Website Speed

Is your site fast enough? Users don't like slow sites. If your site consistently takes more than three seconds to load, you've got problems. Your report will check out things like: optimization of JavaScript and CSS files, image optimization, JavaScript errors, W3C Validity.

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