Good Bye, Kathryn

I’m simultaneously happy and sad to announce that Kathryn Good has announced she’ll be leaving Keystone for her next adventure.

We’re always happy when someone works diligently, Masters the Craft at Keystone, and chooses to venture out and find their next challenge. I won’t spoil Kathryn’s story here. Hearing it from her is much more impactful than reading my translation. Suffice it to say, Kathryn is following her core values and we wish her the very best!

We’re also happy to have this occasion to talk about Kathryn’s contributions to Keystone. She transformed our humble website-builder-host operation into a legitimate marketing agency. Our team grew and became a well-oiled machine under her supervision.

In Kathryn’s absence, we’ll continue operating – business as usual – due to her work implementing systems and processes that helped us get better as we grew. Kathryn is leaving Keystone in far better shape than she found it. We’re better because of Kathryn Good. That’s hard to beat.

Lastly, we’ll be sad she’ll miss lunch with the crew at Café Rakka. She’ll definitely be getting texted random photos of the hummus bar with falafel and onion. Bright side is, more hummus for us…

Godspeed, Kathryn! Do Good!

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