Managed Service – Avoiding the Rush

The world of technology can seem like a blitz of complicated decisions, unforeseen snags all mixed into a sea of acronyms.  When it comes to Managed IT Services, picking the right partner can be tricky.  To help remain secure, stay in touch with the rapid changes in technology and stay ahead of your competition, the traditional model of break/fix and project outsourcing models have been replaced in recent years by the managed service model.

Managed services are almost a budget no-brainer, but the benefits go way beyond the budget impact. Beyond the peace of mind in having a group of professionals managing your IT resources, with managed services, your annual IT spending will be less than hiring even 1 full-time employee.  An added benefit is that you can avoid the additional costs and headaches that arise around employee management, retention, and training. Compared to other consulting plans, where you pay per fix or per project, your organization benefits from predictable, regular costs — improving budgeting, forecasting, and planning.

Another significant benefit is access to the knowledge and expertise of a group of IT professionals, which is effectively unmatchable by an individual.  Utilizing a managed service company, you benefit not only from the knowledge and experience of an individual person but also from the institutional knowledge of the Manages Services company itself.

Sometimes you need a network administrator, other times, you’ll need a business analyst, maybe a technical architect, a user-trainer, or a project manager. We’ve all heard the phrase when you are a “hammer, every problem is a nail,” and IT services are no different. Having a wide range of experience at your fingertips is a huge benefit.  Keystone with a cumulative 75+ years of technical experience we have helped over 2,000 organizations complete over 10,000 projects in addition to providing managed services, and network design so we’ve almost seen it all.

Ignorance is bliss might be suitable for some situations but for mission-critical IT processes, not so much.  That is a risky way to manage your technology infrastructure. With security releases, every few days, plus the continually evolving and improving features and an ever-expanding functionality, the most effective companies are not stagnant. With a managed services solution, your tech investment is protected, and you’re always on the cutting edge in terms of efficiency, training, and best-practices.

Our resources are continually expanding and our staff is continually improving themselves, allowing them to make forward-looking suggestions, prepare your team for new releases, and help you cut through the chaos to identify which products are business-critical and which need a little more time in the incubator before being production-ready.

Keystone provides experts who adapt to your needs, scale with your organization, and drive proactive management and maintenance initiatives.  You’ll see network stability, and stay in touch with the latest trends in technology. That’s why Keystone is the preferred IT support provider to many customers across many industries.

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