Office 365 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Office 365 Apps to use

Keystone is team Office 365, as many know. What many don’t know is that Office 365 has much larger capabilities than just email and your basic apps. We won’t bore you with the ones you already know, but here’s an example of four Office 365 app that were created to make your professional world easier than you could’ve imagined.

Microsoft Bookings

Schedule meetings with clients without the hassle of back-and-forth date suggestions– welcome to Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft’s appointment scheduling software to compete with Calendly and other players in this field. This simple application can serve as an effortless way to schedule meetings with existing and potential clients. Just send clients the link to your Bookings site and they can see your availability for meetings.

You can also drop a link at the bottom of your email address where users can click to schedule windows of available time. Scheduling is simple; customers access your bookings site, choose between multiple people on your team to meet with, and schedule their time. Users can customize the booking time windows from 30 minutes up to a few hours and, newly released, can even setup payment for services through the system. This ensures that payment is wrapped up before the meeting time occurs. This app is already included with most of the Office 365 Business Licenses, and we can get it up and running for you in no time. Just go to my Bookings page to setup a meeting time with me!


Microsoft Team Shifts

Looking for a simple way to manage a team’s availability and schedule?  Shifts (StaffHub is retiring) is the answer.  With an easy-to-use app, you can add team members, send them notifications about workload for the day, and track schedules. Your team members and staff can update their availability via the app, making scheduling easier. Administrators can even enable time tracking and reporting. Shifts includes group chat to stay aware of the status and morale to stay connected to your group.  The app is a fantastic way to keep your team connected in a community, while giving leadership the ability to manage the team schedule.


Microsoft Stream

Want to share secure company videos that are not public? Microsoft Stream is your solution.

This application inside of 365 takes the idea of data information tracking and sharing and applies it to your company videos. Want to do a company specific training video and share it only with your team members? Stream can do that. Want to record your internal staff member meetings and only share with internal staff members in various locations? Stream can help you with that also. Stream is just another example of Microsoft’s ability to take features and services available in 3rd party systems and roll them into Office 365.

Microsoft Flow

This newer product is designed with ease of processes in mind. Flow is an automated process engine to do just about anything you need it to. Want to autosave attachments from a specific user or in emails with a specifics subject to a Teams/OneDrive/SharePoint site? Flow enables that to happen seamlessly.

Want to generate internal tasks if you receive certain tweets via social media? Consider Flow your personal reputation management. Want to email your team when there is a task past due or when a favorite client uses the word “unhappy” in an email? Flow keeps up with the things that are your priorities. Not only that, but Flow can help you cut a four-step process down to one step. Flow is Microsoft’s task simplification system that can help tie lots of aspects of Office 365 together. These systems will help you to better integrate Office 365 into your organization. There are existing templates for tasks, but the way to get the most out of Flow is to set up custom configurations. This can take some time, but Keystone is more than willing to help.

Keystone can help you integrate any of these apps into your current suite and help your office learn how to use them properly. Just give us a shout, and our Office 365 experts will be in touch.

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