Office 365 Security: Secure Score

What is Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score? How do you rank? How can you increase Microsoft Office 365 Security?

The typical Microsoft Secure Score for a tenant is around 40-50 out of 400 (or more, depending on services). 10% or lower? That’s terrible. If your score is low, however, you are not alone. Microsoft is listening, and it seems that they have implemented a Secure Score analyzer that is both a roadmap for security and a thermometer to gauge your status. As more companies move into the Cloud, security continues to be a challenge for administrators. Part of the problem is there are hundreds of configurations in your Office 365 tenants that can alter your security score up or down. This new tool will help you to analyze the services you have enabled and the paths you can take to secure your Office 365 tenant.

What to do:

-Go to, sign in with your 365 credentials, and it will take you to the secure score site.

-It starts by giving you the overall score for your Organization shown similar below:

-Once your score is available, you can alter the options get a higher reading. The first thing to seriously consider is enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for global admins. This task alone will significantly increase your score.

Here is a brief overview of some of the tasks for increasing your secure score:

365 Security Secure Score Tasks

This list is just a sampling of the tasks you should address. The system can generate a task list to follow, and you can build a plan of action around that. Be cautious – there is a thin line between security and usability. You don’t want to tighten too much because your users might drag you into the street, and you don’t want to loosen it too much… for obvious reasons.

Security is a fine line to dance, but it is essential to consider all options when tightening your security for your 365 tenants. We have some custom tenant configurations that will help with your security, and we would be glad to help guide you in the right direction. With the right mix of strategy and license usage, you can create a 365 Cloud tenant that is both secure and usable that rivals any solutions that exist in the cloud. Give us a call, and we can assist you.



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