Thanks 2017

“Thank you.”

Two words, so simple, so powerful. Most of us give thanks in some way every single day. Maybe it’s because someone held the elevator doors for you or your response to receiving your coffee, prepared just the way you like it (8th & Roast, ‘French Occupation,’ leave a little room, please and thank you.)

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you chose us – Keystone – to serve you, to make your organization better. That requires a different kind of thank you, because what you’ve done for us is more than just a casual courtesy.

  • You’ve revealed your fears and weaknesses to us.
  • You’ve given us the chance to understand the good and bad in your organization.
  • You’ve tasked us with making your organization more efficient, profitable, and secure.
  • You’ve guided us when we struggled and shown us grace.
  • You’ve shared us with others, enabling us to grow and prosper.
  • You’ve thanked us for a job well done.
  • You’ve continued to bless us with the opportunity to be a vital part of your organization.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage. Thank you for your trust. And thank you for your help as we all make our way through this mean ol’ world together. We like where we’re headed and look forward with faith and hope for an even more prosperous 2018.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless and keep you and yours!

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